Root Retouch -- base color retouch


All Over Color -- single process (one tone color) applied roots to ends


Partial Pintura -- hand painted "Curl Lights" through the front and crown


Full Pintura -- hand painted "Curl Lights" through the entire head


Root Retouch with Pintura -- base retouch with hand painted "Curl Lights"


Toner with color service


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Root Retouch and Cut -- base retouch and curly cut


All Over Color and Cut -- Single process (one tone) color and a curly cut


Partial Pintura and Cut -- half head of hand painted "Curl Lights" and a curly cut


Full Pintura and Cut -- full head of hand painted "Curl Lights" with a curly cut


Root Retouch, Pintura and Cut -- base color retouch, with hand painted "Curl Lights" and a curly cut


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Consultations -- included at the beginning of every service, also available by walk-in or email


Stylist in Training Cut -- a curl by curl cut with one of our Curl Stylists in training (Stephannie or Renita) (90-120 minutes)


Curly Cut -- A curl by curl dry cut or DevaCut followed by a wash and style lesson (60-90 minutes)

$60 - $125

Express Curly Cut -- For our returning clients who only need a curly cut without the wash and style (30 minutes)

$50 - $85

Just The Ends -- For our returning clients who only want 1/2" or less trimmed from their ends without a wash and style (15 minutes)


Bang Trim -- complimentary for returning clients


Clipper Cut -- barber style clipper cutting for men or women (30 minutes)


Kid Cut (ages 5-10)* -- a curl by curl cut on dry hair without a wash or style. Style can be booked seperately if desired. Have a Little Curly under 5? Give us a call to book. (15 minutes)


*Wash not included. +$15-$25 for wash, +$25 per 15 min detangling session

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Kids Cuts for children aged 5-10 may be booked by calling 612-326-4792.  A Kids Cut must be booked in the child's name, not the parent's name. If a Kids Cut is booked as a Curly Cut you will be charged the adult price. Children must arrive with their hair detangled. If detangling services are required please request when booking and an additional fee of $25 per 15 minutes will be applied. Please note that we may not be able to perform services on very tangled hair.

If your child becomes distressed while washing or detangling our stylists will cease performing the service.

For the comfort of all of our guests, we do not allow the use of cellphones or tablets on speaker mode. Please bring headphones.


Curly Set -- wash and style for your curls

$45 - $65

Updo -- special occasion style

$65 - $85

Bridal Style (Trial Required) -- Wedding Day special occasion style


Trial Bridal Style -- pre-wedding style session to try out your look before your big day


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Bounce Back Treatment


Detangling Add-on


Deep Condition Add-on


Build Up Buster with service


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Eyelash extension full set (1 hr 15 min. Includes first fill apt.)


Eyelash Lift & Tint (1 hr)


Airbrush Spray Tan (20 min)


Temporary 3-5 day wear eyelashes (20 min)


Brow Wax & Tint (30 min)


Brow Wax (20 min)


Brow Tint (20 min)


Eyelash extension fill (45 min)


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